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What Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type Reveals About Your Sex Life

Each of the 16 Myers-Briggs personality types approach love and intimacy differently. While some are open and vocal about what they do behind closed doors, others are more hesitant to divulge their intimacy preferences. Fortunately, a study recently conducted by Superdrug Online Doctor surveyed over 1,000 individuals to besthookupwebsites.org/local-hookup/odessa get down to the bottom of what each personality type is up to in the bedroom. From preferred positions to frequency of sexual activity, the data is finally in on which types are up to which dirty deeds.

When it comes to an overall appetite for adventure, extroverted types took the cake. ENTJ is the most sexually adventurous personality type. Superdrug Online Doctor

But what exactly does appetite for adventure mean? Chances are, the term differs from type to type. To break things down even further, the following data was gathered about the specific preferences and intimacy quirks of each personality type.

ENFP – Most Willing to Experiment With the Same Gender

ENFPs are known for being curious, adventurous and open-minded-and these traits translate into the bedroom. Of all 16 personality types, ENFPs ranked as the most willing to get down and dirty with a member of the same sex. Whether it’s a lasting orientation or a one-night stand, ENFPs are the most likely to indulge any sense of curiosity that they feel toward members of their own gender.

INFP – Most Difficult to Satisfy in Bed

INFPs are known for having a rich but private inner world-and this may transfer into the bedroom. Of all 16 personality types, INFPs ranked as the most unsatisfied with their sex lives. Is this because they’re cautious about trying new things? Or is it because their deep inner world contains some fantasies outrageous enough to make the average partner blush their way out of the bedroom? We’ll leave it up to any INFPs out there to let us know.

ENFJ – Second Most Willing to Use Toys

ENFJs aren’t shy when it comes to pleasing their partners. This type ranks as the second most likely to embrace sex toys as a means of enhancing their sexual experience. Tirelessly unafraid of the unconventional, it won’t take much convincing to get your ENFJ partner out the door and into the aisles of a sex shop, orchestrating your next intimate adventure.

INFJ – Masturbates the Least Often

Despite being introverted at heart, INFJs are least likely to be caught having a “party for one.” Known for investing deeply in their intimate relationships, INFJs may be the most likely to get off by getting their partner off. Which means that masturbation just might not have the same allure for this type as it does for others.

ESFP – Least Willing to Experiment With the Same Gender

While ESFPs are endlessly curious and open-minded in most of their pursuits, this tendency e-sex experimentation. In this study, ESFPs ranked as the least likely personality type to experiment with a member of the same gender. Of course, this doesn’t mean it never happens-just that ESFPs are, on average, more focused on exploring other aspects of their sexuality.

ISFP – Second Most Likely to Be Mistaken About Their Sexual Preferences

ISFPs exist in a constant state of change, and this tendency extends to their sexual preferences. Second most likely to be mistaken about what and who they like, this type may have a long and unexpected journey toward sexual satisfaction-something any open-minded partner will appreciate immensely.

ESFJ – Least Willing to Have a Threesome

ESFJs are known for being wholly devoted to their partners, and they expect this same devotion in return. Of all the types, ESFJs ranked as the least willing to try a threesome. For this deeply committed type, their partner’s love alone will suffice!