• 10 ago, 2022
  • affairdating-com-inceleme review

What can you do with a free membership?

Your profile will be duplicated across other ‘dating’ sites

That’s right, whether you like it or not, by creating an UberHorny profile, you’re going to show up on other sites. It doesn’t specify which other sites exactly, just that “… your profile will be shared with other dating and “hook-up” websites…”.

I assure you this isn’t a tactic legitimate dating sites use. Generally, the reason they do this is because they’re part of an affiliate network. They get paid by the network based on the number of profiles and/or paid sign-ups they get.

That means if they reserve the right to duplicate your info across 10 sites, they get 10 times the income. I have no way to verify that’s exactly what’s happening here but that’s usually why this happens.

Your videos can be watermarked and reused on other sites

As you’ll also see in the last screenshot above, they also reserve the right to use your videos. If you upload anything to the site, they can add their own watermark (UberHorny or any of their other fake sites) and use that clip. Also royalty-free.

You can request a refund under a specific circumstance

If you choose to use the site and try a paid membership, there may be a chance you can get your money back. I wouldn’t count on them honoring this but it is in their Terms. You can see the actual text below but essentially this line is the most important part:

“If the sole reason you upgrade your membership is to correspond with one specific member and affairdating-com nedir such member does not respond to your correspondence, you may request a full refund within ten (10) days…”

In short, if a pop-up message from a possibly fake user fools you into paying for a membership, you can get a refund within 10 days.


As you can see from the screenshot below, there’s a lot going on here. Images, boxes, notifications and menus all over the place – it’s hard to know where to look! Once you’ve spent some time there it becomes a little more tolerable. That said, it’s not the type of website you want to be subjecting yourself to for that long!

To me, it feels like it’s probably a site they set up back in 2005 and have just added things to since then. Because it’s not an actual dating site, they most likely run with the good old “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” idea.

Not a whole lot, really. When we initially reviewed HornyMatches, they’d let you attempt conversations with their “members.” Those attempts were a bit of a joke. In this case, they lock those failed conversations behind a paywall. Now, you need to pay before you can do anything. You can’t even open a user’s profile without a paid account!

What you can do though is look around the site and search for members nearby. When using the ‘Search’ function you can select a number of parameters to search by. The usual elements like age, gender, location, etc. You’ll see a grid of users like in the screenshot below but you can’t interact with them in any way.

Essentially, as a free user it’s a case of “look but don’t touch.” I suppose the more you can touch, the easier it is to see that this site doesn’t work, right?


Real dating websites earn their money through ongoing subscriptions. They don’t need to collect advertising revenue by placing ads for other websites on their own.

So, another common red flag that a dating site is fake or at least low quality is exactly this – ads to other websites. In the case of UberHorny (and, unsurprisingly, HornyMatches), you’re going to find CamSoda ads. Very subtle ones promising free tokens when you sign up.