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The guy lives in the human Industry in which he possess a little store hence carries Shinigami issues

Kisuke Urahara (?? ??, Urahara Kisuke) is the former captain of your own 12th Section, and the creator and you can first President of one’s S.R.D.I.. Their lieutenant try Hiyori Sarugaki. He could be assisted of the his teams Tessai Tsukabishi, Jinta Hanakari, and you may Ururu Tsumugiya.


Kisuke is actually a high, slim guy having light epidermis and you will gray vision. His hair is dirty and you can white-blond (almost soft), having strands framing the latest edges of your own face and you will clinging anywhere between their attention, in which he enjoys mouth stubble. The guy wears a dark-green Shihakusho versus an enthusiastic undershirt. More so it, he wears a black haori, and this sporting events a light diamond development along their base half, reminiscent of an upside down captain’s haori. Urahara sells a fan, which he sometimes spends to full cover up their deal with. He constantly wears conventional Japanese solid wood shoes (geta) and a good striped dark-green and you can light bucket hat (which shadows his vision), [2] which includes generated your the moniker “sandal-hat” (????, geta-boshi; “Mr. Hat-and-Clogs” about English dub).

During their prior to many years into the Soul Neighborhood, he’d a clean-bare deal with and you will wore the standard Shinigami consistent. Within his a whole lot more relaxed events, the guy always wore their geta. [3] He after wore a lengthy-sleeved captain’s haori immediately after his strategy toward review away from master. [4]


Even if always a put-straight back, upbeat, jovial, humble and you will eccentric kid, Urahara suggests a beneficial deceptively smart and big front if the condition deserves it. The guy commonly uses sluggish dialogue and you may outward concern to distract his competitors. [5] Even with their worry-totally free ideas, he constantly talks politely, it is sometimes sugardaddymeet promo kodu sarcastic. Yoruichi Shihoin notes he does go over the major that have any he gets excited about. They have explained themselves since the an excellent “simple truthful, good-looking, perverted business person.”

Up to 110 in years past, Urahara’s identification is actually a bit reverse off what it is on introduce. Through the his earlier age given that a master, he had been considered a stressed, flustered, and you can quiet person. A little being unsure of away from themselves, the guy lacked trust in his capacity to feel a chief. Simultaneously, he had been occasionally mistaken for how to approach their division. Despite getting uncomfortable inside the role, the guy checked relatively relaxed inside the early in the day condition at 2nd Section Detention Equipment. Yet not, the guy eventually hardened his look after to look at his part while the chief of the getting more significant and you may determined.

Urahara can usually be found near the world off a significant knowledge, however, the guy hardly intervenes in the facts, preferring to stay on the sidelines. The guy will understands additional info than simply the guy lets towards, and you may even after are a primary member on situation, the guy serves merely just like the a stimulant, which have someone else perform some work with your. Urahara is oftentimes pushy, deceiving anyone to the carrying out what the guy desires these to.

Kisuke is a practical combatant, convinced that using any means needed in the a life-and-death competition is very important into the profit and success, instance building an alliance having Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez ahead to beat Contacting Nakk Ce Vaar through a sneak attack off at the rear of. [6]


Urahara was raised on Shihoin Mansion from inside the Seireitei together with youngsters family relations Yoruichi Shihoin and you can Tessai Tsukabishi. [7] He joined the fresh new Gotei thirteen inside the same day Yoruichi registered the newest Onmitsukido, [3] and finally turned into the 3rd Seat of the next Division, that has been intertwined into the Onmitsukido. Included in their responsibilities among the greatest five Resting Officers, Urahara turned into head of your Onmitsukido’s Detention Product. [8] As much as 110 in years past, new twelfth Division chief, Kirio Hikifune, are marketed towards Royal Protect, [9] and Yoruichi required Urahara given that their substitute for. [10]